Lowongan Kerja Bandung Programmer PT Sangkuriang Internasional 2011

Lowongan Kerja Bandung Programmer PT Sangkuriang Internasional 2011

Deskripsi Perusahaan:
PT Sangkuriang Internasional merupakah sebuah perusahaan IT dan Multimedia

Currently PT Sangkuriang International was in need of many co-workers (employees) are full-time. As for postal jobs that we go in this occasion is:

1. Managed Desktop Programmer
a. Mastering the Java programming language
b. Mastering J2EE (value)
c. Never did the Java programming in the large-scale projects (more value)
d. Having a certified Java (value)

2. Unmanaged Desktop Programmer
a. Mastering C + + programming language
b. Never done C + + programming in large-scale projects (more value)

3. Technical Marketing
The jobdesc to be performed are:
1. Identify needs / issues client
2. Figuring out the decision maker / support personnel in the client's body
3. Convincing the client is able to cooperate
4. Able to Negotiate with the client to issue features / price
5. Able to maintain relationships with clients
6. Able to Seek opportunities - new opportunities

Requirements for techincal Marketing:
a. Women (preferable)
b. Able to perform analysis software
c. Understand the methods and process of making a piece of software
d. Been incorporated in software development (more value)

Work Location: Bandung
If you are interested, send an email with attachments CV and diplomas to
hr@ sangkuriang.co.id

Closing Date: 04/30/2011
Alamat: jl. sempurna no.9 cipaganti bandung    40131  Indonesia

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